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Easy Cookie Clicker Cheats Codes PC For Unlimited Resources

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I am aware though that getting to 400 cursors and final cotillion cookie forfeit is going to take forever so probably my best course would be to try to more quickly build up my heavenly chips to the couple of million I think it will require to even have a hope of getting those final two.

Where the original Cookie Clickers browser based game was just a mindless clicking game where the main objective was to obtain as many cookies as you could, the mobile game builds upon an interesting story line and takes you on an adventure as you compete with your friends on Facebook for the title of Cookie God!

Of course, special cookie flavors like the Christmas and Halloween cookies are basically irrelevant once you have that many heavenly chips, since they’re counted in the same pool (so a Christmas cookie might take you from 1,000,000% boosted production to 1,000,025%).cookieclickeronline.com