Foot Patches: How They Can Help You

Are you looking for a simple and easy way to help remove toxins from your body? If so, you’ll want to consider foot patches. Foot patches are unique products which work to draw out any toxins in your body to help it stay healthy.

How Foot Patches Work

Detox foot patches are applied to the bottom of your feet. They work like stickers and attach to your feet with a slightly sticky adhesive so they stay on. After being put on your feet, they then go to work drawing out all the toxins inside your body. You’ll see the soft white padding on them start to turn different colors, especially brown, as it removes the toxins inside you. While they go to work quickly, it might take a few days or weeks before you start to see long-term effects.

Why Do You Put Them on the Bottom of Your Feet?

These are put on the bottom of your feet because most of your body’s blood circulation flows there. Your body has plenty of points located on the bottom of your feet and the patches work to draw out the toxins from each point. You can use foot reflexology to help see the points on the bottom of your feet (like how the tips of your toes connect to your head and sinuses) and where the foot patch will work to pull certain toxins out.

The Detox Colors

Something strange you might see with these is the different colors that stain the patch. If you see various colors, don’t worry, nothing is wrong. This is just showing you what the patch has pulled out from your body, so they kind of work as a guide.


Orange is an indicator of toxins removed from your joints. Many of these toxins are what lead you to have significant joint pain, like aluminum.


If you see slight red spots on the patches this indicates that the patch helped to cleanse your body of slight blood clots which could otherwise affect your kidneys and bladder.


Yellow indicates toxins from your bladder were removed. The bladder is an important way our body works to naturally remove toxins, but too many toxins can overwhelm it and could cause urinary tract infections.


As some of the most common colors, these two colors indict toxins that were removed from your liver. These are signs of heavy metals being drawn out of your body to help fully detox it.

The Benefits of Foot Patches

Foot patches have plenty of helpful benefits. Besides removing toxins from your body, they can also help to improve your immune system, give you more energy, and even help to calm your stress levels down.

These products are also often made up of natural ingredients, like herbs, which work to soak up the chemicals and other toxins inside you. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about applying strange ingredients you’ve never heard of to your body which will only end up adding to the toxins.

One of the best benefits about foot patches though is that they are easy to use. You just apply them to the bottom of your feet and wait a few hours. It’s that simple!

Foot patches are a wonderful way to help naturally remove toxins from your body. If you’re looking for a simple way to do so, definitely consider using them to help keep your body healthy.