The Android devices are designed with a lot of extremely good features to make the usage easy for the Android lovers. But a sad news is that most of us are not aware of some of the best features among them and are not using it. So, we are trying to provide the users with details about some of those “hidden” features that you would love to know and use even in the Best Smartphones Under 7000 INR.

Hidden Features in Android Devices That Can Be Of Great Use:

Most of us are worried about the data usage on our phones and are not able to identify the usage until we get a final message from the service provider that the free data usage is over. Sometimes we will not receive any such messages and keep on using the data services without knowing it. But, the data restriction feature in the Android devices can be of great help for the users at this stage. With the help of this feature, users can easily check the data usage on a day to day basis. This feature allows the users to restrict the data usage of each app and also the total data usage as well. This will prevent the users from the tension of data usage after the limit set by them.

There is an option to reduce the eye strain while using the smartphones. This option is available in the Developer Options Settings of the Android devices. There you can find the “Simulate Color Space” option and this option is set to disable by default. But, by changing it into the Monochromacy mode will be something that can help to reduce the strain on the user’s eyes to a great extent. The Google Chrome feature which allows the users to save a web page in pdf is something that most of the users are not using properly due to non-awareness of this feature. These are just some of the major hidden features in the Android devices. Going through the different options of the Android devices will provide you with a lot more features.