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What are the first things that pop out of your mind when planning the design of your kitchen? Well, if you are like most homeowners, you will probably think first of the appliances or the color scheme. Yes, these things are important, but professional designers will tell you to consider first the kitchen layout.

Out of all the rooms in your home, your kitchen layout matters most. A good kitchen design is one that maximizes movement and minimizes the need to reach and stoop if you are doing your kitchen tasks. It is important to make it functional so that you can move easily around your kitchen when you are cooking or cleaning, for example.

The kitchen has become the new epicenter in our home, so you must make your plan suit your individual or family needs. Here are some tips on how to make your kitchen functional while at the same time awesome.

Keep in Mind the Kitchen Work Triangle

Stove, sink, and refrigerator: these are the three of the most important thing of your kitchen design. If you do not take account of them in designing your kitchen, for sure, cooking and cleaning in your kitchen will become the most arduous tasks.

As I have said, your kitchen layout should allow you to move around easily between the three while cooking. It should have some space so that if you are cooking with someone else, you will not bump into each other most of the time. This fact is why the kitchen work triangle theory comes into the discussion.

The kitchen work triangle theory suggests that if your stove, sink, and refrigerator are near each other, doing kitchen tasks will be more efficient.

As a general rule, you should keep the distance between these three elements by no less than four feet and no larger than nine feet. The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13 and 26 feet. Even though these measurements do not apply to all sizes of a kitchen, the kitchen work triangle is a design to be kept in mind.

Make Your Kitchen Multifunctional

Admit it or not, but the modern kitchen is something that is not only an area to prepare and cook your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It has become more versatile, and now is suitable for relaxing and entertaining as well as cooking.

Professional designers will advise you to keep your kitchen design multifunctional, open and inviting, and one that can promote entertainment. One way to achieve this purpose is to include your kitchen island with seats. For sure, this will provide an inviting area where family members and guests can socialize and relax while someone is doing some food preparation.

Don’t Forget Your Cupboards

Most homeowners will likely skip their attention on how to allocate or use cupboard space. But including the details of your cupboard space in your design planning is one of the keys to achieving a good kitchen design.

For instance, you should organize your cupboard layout according to how you use the space. Place items that you commonly used near each other. Put them in a space where you can reach them easily, so you do not need to put much effort to get them.

Even simple arrangements such as organizing your collection of spice so that you see them easily are sure to improve your kitchen experience. For you to achieve this, you must have a cupboard that can store a fair mix of kitchen essentials, and that can fit perfectly in your kitchen. You can look cupboards on sites like Focus on Furniture.

Give Your Kitchen Some Light

Unlike in any other rooms in your house, overhead lighting such as chandeliers and pendant lights are not sufficient to illuminate your kitchen. An adequate lighting is essential to keep kitchen tasks such as slicing meat and veggies safe.

For sure, you do not want the kitchen light behind you, casting shadows on the workspace as a consequence. In this situation, it is essential that aside from a pendant light place at the top center, you should also install under-cabinet lights because they illuminate your countertops directly.


The kitchen has become the centerpiece of any modern house. Thus, it is only essential that you do proper planning to make it more functional and beautiful to look. You can achieve a good kitchen design by follo the kitchen work triangle layout, making your kitchen useful, considering the cupboard space, and installing proper lighting.

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