Qualities That Make A Salesman Stand Out Among The Crowd

Selling a business enterprise’s products/services is an art. Any individual who intends to become a salesperson and be successful in this field needs to possess certain qualities that will make him/her stand out among the crowd. Such a person needs to be intelligent, have an impressive personality, dutiful, patient and a cheerful temperament. In addition to this, such a human being has to be resourceful and persistent. The success of any business organization in the marketplace depends largely on the efficiency of its sales personnel. In this age of relentless competition, a person with these qualities is a cut above the rest in this arena.

Aaron Hartfield Murrieta , a popular American sales professional, says individuals who want to make their mark in the field of sales need to have the following traits:

  • Personality

An effective salesperson needs to have a good personality. Such an individual has to able to impress those around his/her with their charm. He/she needs to be healthy, have an attractive appearance and striking voice. Such a person should not suffer from any disabilities such as lumping or stammering.

  • Cheerful outlook

It is important for a salesperson to have a smile on his face. To be able to impress potential customers, such an individual needs to be cheerful at all time in addition to having a sweet temperament. He/she should dress smartly as it acts as a catalyst in enhancing his/her personality.

  • Mental Ingredients

An individual cannot succeed as a salesperson unless he/she has certain distinct mental qualities. These are presence of mind, resourcefulness, foresight, imagination, strong memory and a sound judgment. These characteristics will help such a person deal with and tackle clients of different temperaments, moods and nature. Moreover, these qualities go a long way in creating permanent clients for the company’s products.

  • Courtesy

A good salesperson worth his/her salt never fails to be polite and courteous to clients and the public. This mannerism does not cost anything but goes a long way in creating permanent clients for a business organization’s products. Such an individual should also go out of his/her way to assisting customer make the correct choice when selecting products. This will go a long way in winning the trust of the customers.

  • Patience and tenacity

In course of carrying out his/her responsibilities, a salesperson may come across different kinds of customers. Many of them may not attempt to make a purchase but waste his/her time by asking irrelevant questions. In such a situation, it is important that he/she give them a patient hearing. Moreover, he/she should go out of his/her way to convince them on the need to make a purchase.

  • Absolute knowledge of the company, its products, clients and self

A salesperson should have a clear idea of his/her own limitations and leave no stone unturned to surmount over them. It is also essential for such an individual to know his/her strengths. In all his/her dealing with the company’s clients, such a person should display his/her strong points and avoid showing his/her weaknesses.

Aaron Hartfield Murrieta explains that the above traits in a salesman set him/her apart in his occupation.