The 5 Best Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes For 2018

Finding that perfect shake can be quite a challenge. You need something to boost your energy level and at the same time reduce your hunger cravings. If your shake can cleanse your body and balance your digestive tract at the same time, then you’ve found a winner.

 You have a huge array of shakes to choose from — We’ve compiled an unbiased, no-nonsense list of the 5 best healthy meal replacement drinks we’ve found so far this year.

Ideal Shape Shake

Ideal Shape is one of the most popular brands on the market right now. They are actually among the lowest in per calorie serving at only 100 calories and 25 of those are from fat. You’ll get 11grams of protein in one level scoop and 10 grams of total carbohydrates.

We’ve found that Ideal Shape is one of the best healthy meal replacement shakes for women on the market due to their great taste, high quality and the variety of ingredients that mix and blend well.

There is a substantial amount of nutrient rich vitamins, minerals and protein, with a large assortment of flavors and an all in all delicious flavor profile.


There’s a huge buzz about Shakeology. Their claim to fame is that they’re more than just weight loss and fuel for your body.

The creators took great effort and care to choose their ingredients thoughtfully in order to decrease cravings for junk food, help with digestion and overall make you feel healthy and strong.

It tastes rich, flavorful and fills you up, you may feel guilty drinking it because of the wonderful cheat food taste, but Shakeology is a healthy way to fill the gap between meals.

One of the reasons we’ve put Shakeology on our 5 best meal replacement shakes for women list, is the superior taste. It not only will satisfy your taste buds, but it tastes better than the majority of shakes on the market.


Medifast is a plan that is designed to help you lose weight under medical supervision. This a proven and effective plan that boasts a typical weight loss of 3-4 pounds a week.

This meal replacement drinks is specifically intended for people that are morbidly obese and face serious health risks. The casual need to lose a few extra pound crowds can definitely benefit and lose weight also with Medifast.

They are great with their meal and shake plan customization and help create plans for:

  • Nursing mothers with babies up to a few months old
  • Seniors over 65 who need special attention to their diet
  • Plans catered to young adults and teens with an active lifestyle

Medifast is the answer for consistent and rapid weight loss, and most certainly makes the list for our top 5 best meal replacement shakes.

GNC Total Lean Shake

Protein powders and meal replacement drinks have always been a success for people that want to build muscle and slim down. This shake is designed for people that refuse to sacrifice nutritional value and staying healthy while getting fit.

Total Lean from GNC uses a whey protein isolate that has minimal amounts of fat and is low in cholesterol and lactose.

The higher amounts of protein keep you full longer and lets your body burn off its current fat stores instead of what you’ve already eaten.

These shakes do a great job of curbing your appetite and are one of the best options on the market for those who live a very active lifestyle.

310 Meal Replacement Shake

These shakes have a unique path to achieve long term weight loss. They use their patented “triplex” protein and no soy or chemical additives in their products. One of the unique benefits of 310 shakes is that there is increased energy immediately after consuming a shake.

  • Virtually no sugar or fat
  • Great at suppressing hunger
  • Low calories
  • High protein content

When you combine all of the above together, you have a meal replacement shake that does the job making active and inactive customers happy and full for hours.

We hope you find some value in this list and use it as a guide to find the best meal replacement shakes on the market today. Come and get the best for now and the future.

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