The Importance of Tooth Restorations

Are you suffering from intense tooth pain or extreme tooth damage? If so, you might want to look into having a tooth restoration done.

Tooth restorations can help to relieve the pain and fix the damage that cavities and dental diseases, like gingivitis, cause. These will leave your teeth looking as if nothing was ever wrong with them in the first place.

Why Tooth Restorations Are Important

Damaged and discolored teeth can not only be unsightly but can be very harmful to your health. Tooth restorations can help to fill in any cavities in your teeth to prevent future damage in them. They can also replace crumbling or missing teeth with new ones so your smile is complete. A trip to the dentist can allow them to see just what needs to be done for your smile and the best method they can use to help fix it.

It’s important to remember that if left untreated, damaged and diseased teeth can cause more harm to other parts of your mouth. Bacteria and awkwardly positioned teeth can be painful and can cause other teeth to suffer as well which is why it’s vital to get the problem fixed as soon as possible.

Types of Tooth Restorations and How They Work

When you go to have a tooth restoration there are a few choices you have as to how it will be done. There are two types you can usually choose from: indirect and direct.


Indirect tooth restorations use methods that you use on your own to help restore your dental health. This includes crowns and inlays that can be custom-made to fit your mouth to help your teeth. In other words, a treatment is applied to the outside of your teeth to help heal them.

  • Crowns

Crowns are used to help cover up cracked and damaged teeth. They basically are a custom-fitted cap that is put over the damaged tooth so it’s protected from outside elements and can work on healing properly.

  • Bridges

Bridges work to help straighten out teeth so they don’t rub against each other. These are often used if you’re missing a tooth to help prevent the gap from causing irritation to your mouth.


Direct tooth restorations are a simpler method as they involve a dentist working directly on your teeth to fix them. This is usually used for cavities so they can be filled quickly and other similar problems which can usually be fixed within one trip to the dentist.

  • Cavity Fillings

Cavity fillings come in a variety of types. You can choose everything from gold, silver amalgam, and resin. The fillings will work to cover the hole in your tooth so it doesn’t cause pain and prevent any bacteria from spreading.

  • Bonding

Tooth restoration bonding is when a resin is applied to the exterior of your teeth to help with any chipped parts and spaces between them. This type is also sometimes known as direct composite veneers.

Tooth restorations are a great way to help give you a stunning smile. They’re painless and quick which is ideal. Better yet, the results will be well worth it as your smile will be beautiful. If you want to fix any tooth damage or pain, definitely consider having a tooth restoration done.|Advanced Bionics Ear Implants |Footlogics Work Orthotics