Watch out for the Honest Toyota Tundra 2017 Review Here!!

Watch out for the Honest Toyota Tundra 2017 Review Here!!

One of the best heavy duty pickups that is quite particular with off the road performance yet lags in performance when it comes to its American rivals, Toyota Tundra 2017 needs to be watched down with its recent customary changes.

The newly launched 2017 released Tundra is a truck that is well built and hauls down easily on the road. Being well equipped with standard features, there is a lot more you can expect from here like full Bluetooth connectivity, audio support, and fuel economic ride with a touch screen interface. If you go for the TRD model, you will be enjoy better drivability on road that tucks down even in the most uneven undulating surfaces.

However, coming to inside technicalities things do get a little complex! With a capacity to tow more than 5 tons and haul so much, it is adequate enough to be used on a construction setup. Though, tundra boasts highly of the V8 engine that is unique to it, it does disappoint over the gas mileage front. If riding comfort is your priority, then you will get disappointed as it is not a heavy duty truck meant for smooth riding.

Whether buying Toyota Tundra is a right choice?

The purchasing choice ultimately goes down on your needs and requirements. But coming to the reality check, there are downsides that you need to be wary of while making Tundra purchase. Fuel drivability is something that you require heavy spending owing to the V8 engine capacity. Also, equipped with lower grade interior quality, the cost is another factor that seems a little underwhelming. With a fairly high base price of $30,020 you can look up to other models that promise more or less similar features. However, fully touch integrated panel, rear-view camera and Bluetooth are some cheery on the cake features to feel good about!