What Is Your Gastric Sleeve Diet Right After Surgery?

Sleeve mastectomy (a.k.a) is a safe choice for patients seeking weight reduction with very less complications. One is required to follow the nutritional program developed by Bactria surgeon Dr. Castaneda and his team of qualified nutritionists , an effective gastric sleeve diet that may include guidelines such as having to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, or to intake 60 grams of protein daily for women and about 80 grams for men.

From this moment, until after week 4, it is recommended to avoid any food that might make your stomach upset such as coffee, citrus, tomato sauce, beer, any carbonated beverage, etc in order to avoid or reduce as much as possible symptoms such as heartburn and reflux.

The operation works because: 1) by filling the small pouch with very little food, the patient will feel full and be able to control hunger, 2) any processed or high density sugars, and some fats, will lead to the dumping syndrome, and 3) the bypassed stomach and duodenum produce less hunger hormone than before, which decreases the drive to eat.

One common misconception around a gastric sleeve procedure is that, because the size of your stomach will be reduced, meaning you have a smaller appetite and feel full quicker, you can continue to eat whatever you like, including fatty and sugar loaded foods.